Shipment Processing

Setting up your account with BX Solutions is quick and allows you access to our online booking and tracking systems.  Please click on the link below to start on the set up process

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Shipment Booking

The BX booking system is the fast and simple way to book your shipments! You can book a shipment three different ways:

Web-based customer portal:
Booking online through our customer portal is simple. This is a secure method to book your shipments with BX. Additionally, this is where you can see your account shipping history.

EDI Direct:
EDI is a secure computer-to-computer transmission of all the important documents in electronic ready-to-process formats that is fast and efficient.
Create your one easy button and transmit directly!

Advantages of EDI:

            Improves the accuracy of data
Faster transaction time
            Standardized, secure and reliable
            Reduces paper and storage use
            Simpler to upload multiple shipper and consignee combinations for reduced data entry

Central Service Center:
For more information on our systems, to book a shipment or ask questions please call our Central Service Center at 855.BOOKTOL.  Our experienced professionals that understand your business are here to help.


The BX customer portal provides our customers with real-time status on shipments. You can use multiple reference number types to track your shipments, the BX master number, your customer reference number or your house bill number. Simply select the type of tracking number, enter and click. It’s that easy.