About Us

Providing Solutions through Xperience!

BX Solutions was established in 2011, but its formation started years before.

The BX management team consists of a group of highly experienced transportation industry professionals. They have worked together for decades mainly at BAX Global and before that Burlington Northern Air Freight. The team has a unique chemistry, resulting in a motivated, highly effective, and harmonious operational force that can create innovative solutions to the market. Each has had varied roles throughout their years with the company from operations agents to sales to hub management and executive positions.

When some dynamic changes took place in overall market capacity, the team knew the resulting company would leave customers with serious issues in sorting, distribution, and supply chain management.  The management team came together and discussed the possibility of filling this void for customers who relied heavily on previously existing networks.

After negotiations with the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the City of Toledo, the management team was able to obtain the old BAX Toledo sorting facility and BX Solutions began operations in late 2011.  This elite management team uses its over 200+ years of combined experience to bring customers innovative solutions to their supply chain management challenges.  They understand how to meet and exceed customers’ requirements from beginning to end. BX Solutions provides employment for many Northwest Ohio residents, has significant support from local and state government officials and is making a positive impact in the transportation industry by providing exceptional services in e-commerce, heavy weight LTL package transportation, and supply chain management.